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We seem to bounce around depending on what titles get released on what system.

I too have found this section of the forums very quiet of late, but I think that is due to work commitments of the regular consolers as much as say the release of Warhammer Online.

I for one have been having to go to work at 4am and by the time I pick up my kid from school, cook, yada, yada, yada ... I am so tired I crawl in to bed.

I have not played Warhammer in over a week. I have picked up Farcry 2, Dead Space and Fable II ... and all they are doing at the moment is collecting dust as I have no more than 30 min to play any of them. (It seems I am picking up Fall Out 3 this week to add to the dust collecting duties?)

But I digress ... as new titles (especially multi player ones) come out soon I am sure we will have an active console community again.

I am hoping that a CoD5, SOCOM and Resistance 2 clan get started at the very least
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