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Default A nubes first experience

I sorted out some of my account dilemmas and finally got online last night for the first time. The first our was spent with the kids trawling through singstore and them providing a list of songs they want..After that i put in Burnout paradise and had a good look.
So there I was driving around working up to my B class license and i hit some button that did something and nect thing you know i am in competing in a series of events.
So I have this crappy car and these guys racing around in what looks like F1 cars that are seemingly indestructable. The end result is geting spanked repeatedly.
I really am a nube at this. It said go to the Airport...never been there before
I can now se why Burnout Paradise is so popular.
Eventually I will work out how to have an animated sig in here as well to reflect my time spent on the PS3...

See you online

BTW......psn_milt is my tag

The plan is to get some more goodies by Christmas...headset and keypad so when ingame it is easier to communicate.
Bad company is now only $49 bucks and resitance 2 is doing good things so i guess the FPS will be next on the agenda

The whole speaking thing whle playing is the best part about online gaming and nuilds the community as well.

SO im still a nube but im getting there.
I just have to work out the adding of friends ( i have seen the list in the consortium)
and getting use to the chat programs etc.

"Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye!!" ......
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