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Never played a PnP game. Closest I got was buying the Source books for Necroscope when they 1st came out, but had nobody to play with and I really couldn't be bothered learning how to play either.

Soon however I will be trying out Deadlands. Bunch of comics during Melb Com Fest are getting together each week on their night off for a few games and I got invited along. Trying to make a Martial Artist from the source books I got hold of, but I really don't want to read it all. Going to be a daunting 1st game when we get together in Jan for a test run.

Will be playing Guild Wars 2 when it's out. Currently playing Battlefield 3 (Nightlifeoz) and Star Wars The Old Republic (Nightlife) on PC. PC, PS3, DS Lite and Wii are my systems of choice.
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