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Default What 'old' FPS titles have you been playing, if any, lately?

The First PC game I played was Unreal. It came out in 1998 and it was quite simply amazing in so many ways. The story and immersion, the multiplayer, BOT matches, amazing graphics! ... it had everything you could possibly want in a game. It had more then than many games have now.

I've stated using Steam again recently and decided to buy Unreal Gold from the online store. Unreal Gold was a pack that included the original Unreal and the expansion pack that was released the following year, Return to Na Pali!

I never got to play the expansion pack 'back in the day' and have just put a couple of hours into it and I have to say I'm very impressed! Yes the graphics are outdated but the immersion is certainly still there. And... there's even still multiplayer servers going with many still playing!

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For the sake of this thread, let's say an 'old' game is four or more years past it's release date. So who's been playing what? Singleplayer, multiplayer or both.

There's more to good gaming than new releases!

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