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hahaha!!!! Love this...

Battlefield 2!!!

Actually, it's still coming up on it's 4th birthday - so I'll leave it out for the time being.
Battlefield 1942, and it's winning mod, Desert Combat. Combining air land and sea attacks, this game (and mod) are just winners. There's been very little come close to matching the brilliance and scale of this once genre defining title. To be able to walk up to any vehicle in the game (and oh how many vehicles to choose from!) and to get in and fly, drive or sail it anywhere on the map is still simply unmatched today. BF2 and Frontlines: Fuel of War both fell short of acheiving this openness and accessability, despite bringing other elements to the genre.

Desert Combat was, and still is for me, simply the very best example of modern warfare on a theatre scale. It's a truely tiered system of war - bombers, jets, helicopters, tanks, mobile artillery, jeeps, foot soldiers of all roles, battleships, aircraft carriers, detroyers and even submarines! And the flexibility to jump into any role at any time. Unparrelleled.

Has dated quite badly in the graphics area - but it's still played on a few busy servers every night, and still gets the blood pumping easily! A truly great mod, of a great game.
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