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Default Chrome 2 (in development?)


Chrome 2 is a FPS title currently in development. It's been in deveolpment now for a number of years with the original release date being 2007. Recently though there have been a few websites giving a 2009 release time.

Official sequel of the 2003’ sci-fi tactical shooter, will again move player into the world of ruthless corporation wars and tactical missions on the battlefield of the future. Implants, ultra modern military equipment and weapons of the future, exoskeleton power armors, tactical walkers and powerful mechs and vast battlefields comparable to terrains in MMORPG are only few features of Chrome 2.

Release Date - 2009
from GameZone

Techland Development | Chrome 2

Please post any Chrome 2 details you find here.
I'll update this top post as I find out more.



Two Chrome titles have been released, both being tacticle sci-fi shooters with singleplayer and multiplayer elements.


Chrome is a tactical FPS shooter taking place in the future during the colonization of the newly discovered solar system of Valkyria. An unusual and dramatic story takes place in spectacular environments. Five huge, unexplored planets, residential complexes of the first settlers, deep mining shafts rich with precious minerals and headquarters buildings of the powerful corporations fighting among themselves over the unique riches of Valkyria are the stage for the player's journey.

* released 2003
* Chrome | Official Site
* latest patch, version
* multiplayer demo available


Player assumes the role of a Specforce trooper who deals with crisis situation in the Federation and restores order. The game is set in a close future, at a time when the rapid advancement of technology allowed man's common dream of colonizing distant planets to become reality.
Megacorporations will stop at nothing to maximize profit and gain even more power and only Specforce stands between them and the safety of the galaxy.

* released 2005
* Chrome Specforce | Official Site
* singleplayer demo available
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