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Desert Combat was, and still is for me, simply the very best example of modern warfare on a theatre scale. It's a truely tiered system of war - bombers, jets, helicopters, tanks, mobile artillery, jeeps, foot soldiers of all roles, battleships, aircraft carriers, detroyers and even submarines! And the flexibility to jump into any role at any time. Unparrelleled.
Funny you say that a few guys from the BF2 division were talking about firing the old 1942 up. Haven't played it myself but am going to have a look at it. I have never not played a game due to graphics. If the game is good you can see through the graphics imo.

The other day a mate and I played a game that we played countless hours on as kids. It is called BodyCount. We laughed our way through it.
Just amazing how far games have come really. Seemed like there were only 10 colours in the game. lol
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