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Just got my new Game Informer and guess what was on the front: BIOSHOCK 2.

Here's some excerpts:

First he assassinated the city's founder, Andrew Ryan. Next, he killed Frank Fontaine, the man who controlled the Adam. Then, with a cavalier disregard for the chaos his actions had triggered, the surface-dweller left - and so did the Little Sisters. That's when things in Rapture got really bad. Trapped in a dead man's crumbling dream,the frantic splicers fought savagely over the dwindling Adam supply, killing friends and family to feed and appetite for perfection. Big Daddies continued their lonely patrols with no one to protect... until she showed up. Now, Big Sister has brought the little ones back to Rapture, and the Adam is flowing again. A forgotten lust for the substance has reignited, and the Little Sisters are its gatekeepers. You need the precious substance as much as anyone; Adam fuels your plasmids and superhuman strength, but unlike the crazed splicers, you dont need to attack the young girls for a fix. After all, the Little Sisters trust you. You're a Big Daddie. You're family.
(Excerpt taken from Game Informer magazine issue 192)

That's right boys and girls, this time around you play as a Big Daddie. But not just any BD, the very first. And this BD has gone rogue. You get all the Iconic weapons from before. The drill, the rivet gun, and plasmids. You'll even have the ability merge plasmids together, in other words mix the normal incinerate plasmid with the cyclone to send splicers flying in a whirlwind of flames.

Although you're not the big cumbersome BD you see in the first one. Since you are the FIRST BD, you look quite different:

Soz that is the best Pic I could find. That basket on your back is for carrying them. When you kill another BD you have the option to harvest them (as before) or "Adopt" them. This will allow them to ride and your back looking for "Angels". Once you find downed splicer with enough adam you can have her hop down and start extracting the precious fluid. However this does come at a price, because as soon as she hops off your back she is in danger and splicers come out of the wood work. I wish you could see the screenies in the magazine, the game looks great. Not a lot of word on how multiplayer will play out though. Cheers!
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