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One game in particular that got me started on gaming was a 2d client based game called

'Infantry Online' It was a free to play game based when the developers ran things. Sony bought them out and started charging a fortune. After that they lost over 200,000 players.
It was ranked as one of the most popular 2d games in the world.

Not widely known, and am yet to find anyone on TOG that remembers this game.
It's still available to play, but they changed aspects of the game I found fun.
The game has a ranking system similar to that of the Battlefield series, but to get to the highest rank was harder than any game i've seen to date. There were even secret ranks only a handful had achieved and we all chased these ranks playing 24hours a day.
I would get up at 7am, and play through until 7am the next morning.... Wow did I watch weekend fly by!

Would love to hear from anyone who used to play this

I used to play on dialup with lag worse than a mitsubishi lancer with a giant snail.
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