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Umm ... (wow this is going to sound bad ... )

I have 2 PS3's and 3 XBOX 360's (oh and a WII .... collecting dust)

It's an addiction ... I would seek help, but ... What can I say, I like my toys.

My poor wife has come to terms with having a big kid for a husband (and secretly she enjoys playing console games ... though she will never admit it).

I rarely drink, don't smoke and don't gamble so as vices go its not that bad (is it?).

After the house the only other "money pit" I have is my 4X4. (Speaking of which is getting some more mods in a couple of weeks )

But I digress ... In short it is cool having both consoles. You get to play all the exclusives and you can play the right games on the right console (FPS on 360, arcade fighter on PS3, etc.)

My 360's get used the most for gaming, but the Bluray player in the PS3 is still one of the best on the market so it get used a lot by the whole family. Also when it comes to down loadable games, I generally buy them on the PS3. 1) Most of them are better & 2) they are listed in real dollars which is far cooler than stupid MS points!

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I was thinking of doing that when i return to Australia. I have the wii and PS3, but really want to get involved in the XBOX to see what P_M keeps going on about
I hope there is a Tiger Woods coming home with that console!
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