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Over Easter I went interstate to my parents' place to clean some of the stuff out (settling of deceased estate, see... never a pleasant job) and found my old Sega SC-3000, still in the box, complete with Congo Bongo, Exerion and Star Jacker cartridges. Not to mention the Basic IIIB cartridge and stack of cassette tapes containing all the programs I wrote/saved when I was ... <counts on fingers>... 16.
Did any other TOGgers have one of these?
Do any other collector-TOGgers want one of these (for a fair price)?

It went back into its box when I bought my much-loved and modded Amstrad CPC464. (Mine was one of the few 464s I knew of that had a 5.25" FDD and 4-ROM backpack...
Now THAT is something I wish I still had.
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