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Default Red Orchestra (2): Heroes of Stalingrad

Tripwire have finally provided some information on the project that they have been working on for years. (their project not the Left 4 Dead alternative that they gave a quick brush up on).

Official First Statement on Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad - Tripwire Interactive Forums

Magazine article scanned here:
Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad : images, screenshots

It appears from reading that and what little else there is out there that it may be another immersive multi player game but with some good extensions to the current RO multi-player only.

It will have a single player mode that lets you play as Russian or German.
CO-Op mode, plus the normal multi player.

This is the game that I have big big hopes for. If they have managed to take the immersive experience of RO and put it into the Unreal 3 engine with destructible environments.. then there will be a winning game.

Can only but hope.

Nothing else on this apart from the fact its due out sometime in 2010.

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