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The first FPS game that got me hooked was Ghost Recon.... it had a great damage system where if you got hit somewhere other than the chest or head (which would normally kill you outright), it caused damage. You either limped or crawled if you were shot on one leg or both, and your aim was effected if you got hit in the arm.

I would love to see this implemented in a current FPS multi player. It would make people value their lives a lot more if they were crippled in action.

Run and gun is fine (I am loving TF2), but there is also a spot for a game that has much more immersion and depth, and makes you think before you run out into the open path of a MG42.

I just hope they get everything right they had with the current game and extend on it without introducing too much garbage.

The current RO has had stats introduced and it has not really effected the game much in a negative manner, but has breathed a bit of fresh air into it.

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