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Has anybody heard of this? I came across a really nice looking cinematic which gives some clues to how the game "might" play. There's a beta sign up (north-american and european) currently showing on the website, not sure if its active or not. Will have to do some research onto this.

The basics, it appears to be some sort of humans vs aliens sci-fi FPS game. Players have a powersuit a bit like Crysis in that it protects you, seems to have some sort of shield.

Nice video at this link
AusGamers Videos - Section 8 Cinematic Trailer -

Oh and here's the main website
Join Section 8

Wikipedia has a lot of info

Originally Posted by wikipedia
Section 8 features in-depth character customization. Players are able to choose not only their primary and secondary weapon choices, such as assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles, but from items called “Active Gear:” grenades, explosives, knives, shoulder-mounted mortar launchers and healing units.[7] The player is also able to create their own player-class through various stackable modules that increase the player’s speed, stealth, or the regeneration of the limited-use jetpack. Excessive damage endured by the player to certain parts of their body, such as their legs, arms, head, or chest, may disable or hinder the use of these enhancements.[8]

Players will be able to deploy a variety of vehicles in the game, including heavy-armor suits and a four-person tank.[9] A variety of turrets, healing supply depots, and sensor arrays that place enemies on a map will be available and can be purchased within the game using “Requisition Points.”[10]

A feature called “Dynamic Combat Missions,” or DCMs, will be featured in the game. These have been described as a meta-game within the game itself and can be activated mid-combat by the player.[11] DCMs reward the player with Requisition Points when completed successfully. Some DCMs will include protecting a convoy, destroying a bridge, or assassinating an enemy VIP.[12]

I just wish it had been section 9!

We need you, Citizen!

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