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Originally Posted by Rog69 View Post
Did they say which year the November 17th would feature in? We are talking about Valve after all.
Nope, the year was suspiciously missing, but lets face it, they have the core game-play down, the mechanics, the AI director, the hoards and all the other tech they spent working into the game. Another 4 campaigns + melee weapons is mostly a content creation issue for them, and they haven't announced anything since Left 4 Dead so a November 17 2009 date seems about right. They have been releasing during the x-mas season yearly since Episode 1 (2006), Orange Box (2007) Left 4 Dead (2008 ), Left 4 Dead 2 in 2009 would be par for the course.

And yeah, the trailer was defiantly in the bright and sunny day time, they made sure you could see all the details of the zombies in full sunlight, no subtle hints there, and there was a very obvious focus on melee weapons in that trailer, I recall a fire axe and possibly a baseball bat or lump of wood or something, and a new type of special infected too and a new set of survivors, I wasn't paying that much attention to be honest, it didn't looks like Left 4 Dead at all, too bright, and the chainsaw and stuff was shown before it said Left 4 Dead 2 and I was like, no way!.. damn stream, can't rewind!

As soon as a find a copy of the trailer I'll put in a link in my opening post.
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