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I'd say they'll keep the features for both games in sync. This is valve we're talking about. They're probably only releasing it as L4D2 because it might be problematic to release so much content as a download over Xbox Live. Some 360 consoles don't have HDDs remember.

Although, with the SDK it'll be interesting to see what they do with L4D1, I mean, what's to stop people from ripping out the L4D1 campaigns and making them available in L4D2?

That's my main concern, as a player I'd like to have access to content from both games without having to jump back and forth. I'm not at all upset about having to pay another $60 for a new take on it all, I've gotten way more out of L4D than many other things I've dropped that much money on and I've no doubt L4D2 will satisfy just as well.
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