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Default Upcomming MMO Discussions Index

With a nod to Ned who did this over in the FPS forums, I'm going to start compiling a list of the various upcoming MMO discussion threads we have here in this forum. Please feel free to post a link to a major discussion thread on a new mmo, and if you search and can't find one then why don't you start one up with a few links and some info on what you know about it.

I've tried to organize them by development/release stage, but I've taken more than a few 'guestimates', if you can cite a recent reference that provides a different date than those listed feel free to make a post to help me keep it up to date, thank you.

Recently Launched

Black Prophecy *2010* (Free to Play) - LINK
DC Universe- LINK
Mortal Online *2010* - LINK

Open Beta

Battlestar Galactic Online - LINK
Huxley - LINK

The List

2029 - LINK
APB *2011, Q2* - LINK
Blackstar - LINK
Dust (Console)- LINK

Earthrise - LINK
Fallout MMO - LINK
Final Fantasy XIV - LINK
Guild Wars 2 - LINK

Infinity *2012* - LINK
Jumpgate Evolution - LINK
Never Winter Nights Online *2011* - LINK - LINK
One Earth - LINK

Planetside - LINK (Shooter forum)
Pets vs Monsters *2010* - LINK
Platinum Life - LINK
Shadowrun Online - LINK

Stargate Worlds - LINK
Star Wars: The Old Republic *2011* - LINK
Transformers Universe - LINK
Tera - LINK

The Agency *2010* - LINK
The Secret World - LINK
Warhammer 40k - LINK
Wildstar - LINK

World of Darkess - LINK

We need you, Citizen!

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