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Default All Aspect Warfare

All Aspect Warfare

Air combat and first/third person shooter.

- massive open world -
- singleplay -
- 4 player co-op -
- multiplay, 32 player support and five modes -
- dedicated server support -

(see above link)

The demo contains the following features:

Single Player
No Story (a.k.a campaign) mode. No freeform sandbox mode.
x03 (of six) playable careers (Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine, Elite Force Pilot)
x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
x02 aerial combat Instant Action scenario (Elite Force Pilot)
x02 first person combat Instant Action scenario (Mobile Infantry Mairne, Elite Force Marine)

Includes the stand-alone dedicated console server
x06 playable careers (x3 Terran, x3 Gammulan)
x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
x02 (of five) gameplay modes (Deathmatch)
x02 Deathmatch scenarios (16 players)

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