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Originally Posted by McMuttons View Post
I have, however, found that how fun a game is has a lot more to do with your players than it does with the system. If you have a good group of players who focus on thinking out of the box, you'll not only have more fun sessions, but you'll also be much more challenged as a DM, having to think on your feet and try to keep the game moving. It's not a good RP session without a little tension.

I have game mastered a few systems over the years (AD&D 1 & 2, Star Frontiers, Star Wars D6, Dark Conspiracy, Paranoia, Shadowrun and Traveler - various versions - to name a few) and at the end of the day the rules had very little to do with the game sessions. It was all about the story told / created by the group and the fun.

The group I use to play with had many different, but complimentary, role playing personalities who together made for some very "interesting" stories and plot twists.

Some players wanted to be heroes that saved the day, other wanted to be scoundrels that wanted to profit from every situation, etc.

I think the biggest joy for me was that fact that very few of them wanted to play combat only types, opting for more rounded characters that used brains, chutzpa or craftiness to achieve their goals.

You would be amazed how much more interesting a party can be when it is full of diplomats, scientists and merchants as opposed to a team full of soldiers.

Take that same style of group and put them in a Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror setting and those game are taken in fun directions that combat driven or "rules lawyer" groups can never enjoy.

I have not played a paper and dice RPG in years and I am really starting to missing it. After reading this thread the first time, I opened some storage boxes and started reminiscing as I pulled out game system, after game system I had not looked at in years.

"Sigh" Ahhh the good old days
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