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-Your favorite FPS muliplayer games and why
Call of Duty, they brought me back into the FPS genre and get an honorary first mention for this. The games can look really beautiful, and I like the RPG like aspects of growing the characters skillsets, while still being able to take people out with many of the better skills unlocked right away or early on. Being able to kit out my character as I want with equipment and skills. The recent addition of Co-op play in COD5 and expected in the next COD:MW2 has added a lot of extra fun and options.

Team Fortress 2, its just a lot of fun. Lot of game types, unique classes which have strengths/weaknesses. This is the other side of the coin, although with the class updates some kitting has been enabled. Some I liked, other class updates I didn't . The spawn rooms and way the maps progress with capture points, and diversity of games is great. Love the "meet the X" vids too.

Left4Dead also has some really interesting mechanics. The AI director and lack of scripting for mobs gives the game a changing feel, and I just love playing infected in versus (even if I'm awful! its fun!).

-What FPS multiplayers you're currently playing the most and why?

Probably TF2 and L4D, see above.

-What FPS multiplayer has disapointed you the most and why?

All of them!

COD - spawn points in multiplayer are awful, I'd move 90% of them. Objectives tend to blindly spammed (As do the start of many games) even when it doesn't make sense, how does blowing your HQ or supplies up with C4 so someone can't plant a bomb not destroy it anyway? game browser needs an option to filter for "under X ping". Friends list needs to better show who is online/offline and sort by online first.

TF2 - the strength of this game for me was that each class has strengths and weaknesses, but with class updates a lot of that has been muddied and reduced some of the fun.

-What do you want in future titles?

MMOFPSRPG! Persistent World with factions/guilds fighting for control (aka global agenda). Leveling up should unlock extra abilities and equipment, but entry level players should still be competitive in more prototypical ways. Leveling just gives more "options". Guilds should be able to design (or choose defaults) for their installations to setup how they want to defend. Some parts of the map should perhaps be "locked" in place to make sure attackers still have a fair chance.

Procedurally generated maps. After a while everyone learns maps so well they can just blindly walk around shooting people because they know where they'll camp. They start games and toss grenades at the enemy spawn knowing where to catch people. But in real combat, you'd often never know what was around the corner and procedurally generated maps would mean you'd have to recon the map out and learn your way around.

Objectives that matter
. If I capture a point I want it to give some benefit to me and penalty to the enemy. Spawn/Med locations, resupply areas, local area radar pulses, etc. Multiple objectives,

Realism. If I shoot someone in the leg they shouldn't die instantly, they should fall down, be able to limp/crawl on and slowly bleed out if not treated. Shoot their arm, maybe they drop their equipped gun, etc. Oh and Pistols shouldn't have the range/damage of snipers, one-shotting people at a km away...

Better map making support. A lot of games do this, but most of them do it half-assed. Simple ways for setting up the map's basics would be a starter (who starts on what side, etc). I also like the idea of being able to set multiple factions (not just 2) onto a map.

Better server control. Servers should be able to configure multiple map sequences to play based on varying criteria. Not just an order, or which scripts on which days, but also adjusting so that while few people are online only smaller maps are played, etc.

I'm really intrigued by some of the massive maps with functional objectives all over them which are coming out in some of the new games headed our way in the future; but they should be set to adjust according to the number of concurrent players.

Also more games should move away from scripted AI's, and open things up to change to help the replay ability, especially in co-op games. Heck maybe even an L4D versus style FPS war game. Attackers can revive and be freed somewhere ahead if killed, while defenders are weaker but respawn faster and have the support of AI controlled NPC's.

Gaming documentaries. I hope that the 6 days in Fallujah game finds backers and launches. I would really like to see the video gaming industry evolve (you know at one point, people laughed at the idea of film documentaries). Games are very interactive and could potentially be an excellent way to teach history, by letting people experience war in a realistic but safe way to teach kids about the past and what has happened. See the direct results of what War is, so that wherever possible they'll know to avoid it; but when necessary they may devote themselves to a worthy cause.


We need you, Citizen!

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