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My dream online FPS:

Subscription based, (very) regularly updated/patched and expanded, persistent open world.

While I used to reject the idea of paying to play (MMO style) if that's what it takes to get games regularly fixed and attended to, then I'd be happy to pay, and I'd imagine many others would be too. One of the biggest downfalls of mainstream FPS games is that once they're out, that's it. If the game fails in it's opening week/month then it's as good as dead. But if there was a dedicated team tasked with righting the wrongs, fixing the bugs/glitches/exploits and even upgrading the graphics bi-annually you inject a real long term prospect that has real potential to grow.

If you take a look at Battlefield 2 - brilliant game, but with flaws and exploits that cripple the game for many. The patches, while helpful, have been so far apart and so inadequate that the game is effectively identical from release day - and it shows. However if you look at the BF2 Mod - Project Reality, it gets at least two minor, and one major updates per year, injecting new weapons, vehicles, maps, factions and general "newness". Imagine how much better BF2 would be if the developers had kept at it, fuelled by a regular income of subscribers paying for the quality we all demand! Benefits of regular updates are a vast reduction in hacking/glitching/exploiting, can keep "with the times" with regular and professional code fixing/tweaking/overhauling, and most importantly having the players really feel part of something that's growing up, rather than dying down.

So for me, I want a game that while still "gamey" is not too arcade like at the same time. I really need an element of strategy and thought to go into my gaming. To outflank someone, or to lure them into an ambush, or to just be able to sneak up on someone is incredibly rewarding - but these days all modern "shooters" seem to have the magical radar/uav/spotter plane that can see through solid concrete walls and ceilings and even underground... And now heartbeat sensors in MW2...

So what do I want?? The net code and graphical attention to detail of COD4, the vehicles and weapons of Battlefield 2, content updates like TF2, and all on a pay scale of a game like EVE online. Must have all stats and profiles stored online to avoid tampering and accidental deletion and a rewards/medals system that keeps you striving, without it being a pure stat grind. And the setting??? A global (maybe) conventional war of the superpowers during the 80's!!!!!!!!!! Think of the soundtrack!!

Seriously, the 80's as a battleground is perfect. Firsly - it hasn't really been done! It wont be another WWII shooter, it's not another try at Vietnam, and if you think about it - the vehicles and weapons truly are the most adaptable "modern" ones out there. Sure there's some electronic warfare, and sure there's laser sighted gear, and even computer controlled stuff - but it's all so simplistic compared to todays true modern battlefield that it's instantly tangible, yet with suprising depth. Todays jets are all stealth and beyond visual range - and while the 80's saw the birth of these concepts, the reality were that it was still all about the pilot getting right in there, down and dirty. Similarly with armoured warfare too - no satelite aimed artillery, or thermal vision sights - just good honst brute force weapons!

Best of all it's effectively new, and essentially open to any level of inspiration... There's no one "real" setting that has to be recreated like the battles of Berlin or Hanoi or even Basra - could easily be set in Los Angeles, Moscow or Havana. The options are effectively endless allowing for some really inspired content adaptions.

So that's me - developers if you're reading this - crank up a Billy Idol track or three and really consider the potential here!!
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