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Best FPS: Ghost Recon.
Why?: Because it wasn't based on reflexes, rather maneuvering and thinking ahead, and has massive maps (for it's time).

Most Dissapointing: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Why?: Because it's shooting mechanics are watertight but everyone was crammed into iddy-biddy boxes with excessive explosives and air strikes causing random no-skill deaths, giant red "KILL!" arrows and a stupid mod system that saw 9mm bullets punching through engine blocks and magic spawns of live grenades on dead bodies.

What do I want?
If Battlefield 2, ArmA and COD:MW to jump in bed with each other, make sweet love, conceive, and spawn young. I would ride their love child for all of eternity. Basically take COD:MW strip out all perks and gameplay UI "helpers" like kill cams, giant kill arrows, solid in-game VOIP and maps about 10 times as big. Airstrikes and AI Choppers ought to be less annoying (ditch the UAVs though, they're just dumb). Or just ArmA 2 with COD:MW's simplified and well polished movement and shooting mechanics applied across the board to all of ArmA (choppers, planes and tanks included).

I also want Left 4 Dead 2, and a bunch of other stuff. I don't think there will ever one room for just one shooter in my life, I'm such a slut.
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