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Interesting article Leevers, thanks.

Statements like these by game publishers are thought provoking ... if only to figure out what they are trying to achieve.

SONY will drop their price point eventually, but I don't think the price tag is the only thing keeping SONY from reclaiming market share.

Even though I lean more towards the XBOX for my gaming, I am the first one to say that I believe the PS3 is a superior piece of hardware.

The problem (IMHO) is that SONY are yet to have the "killer must have" exclusive title and they are only now starting to pick up on what drives today's gamers. (Adding of the trophy system, etc.)

Most gaming to day is online, multi-player and based heavily on communication (text, voice and video). SONY may have the better hardware, but their services in this department are woeful compared to XBOX live and PC gaming services.

I for one was eager for titles like KILLZONE 2, Resistance 2 and SOCOM with great hopes for these games showing off what the PS3 was able to do.

In all cases the communication was still bad, joining games difficult at times (almost impossible with SOCOM most of the time), online gaming was not as polished as XBOX's offerings and the game play did not appeal to the masses.

KILLZONE 2 got the later very wrong, with casual to intermediate players screaming for a change to the way the controls reacted / felt, only to be met with a flat out "get stuffed ... this is the way we want the game to play" by the developer.

I applaud there desire to stick to a concept / ideal, but SONY really needed this title to take off and be embraced by all gamers ... not just hardcore fans.

KILLZONE 2 should have been SONY's Halo. If it played as good as it looked, it could well have been.

Only time will tell if SONY will get their killer title, but E3 did not show any real contenders as far as I could tell. I hope I am very wrong and the big blue gets its self back in the game!
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