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Originally Posted by YellowMegaMan View Post
@Pure Mongrel

There's no doubt Sony's still trying to get itself together to compete on the same level as the Xbox360's online features. But they are improving things... slowly...

Regarding Killzone 2 though, the v1.27 patch released a few weeks ago included a new control mode called "high precision mode". This was basically a fix for all the people who were complaining about Killzone 2's controls.

I didn't have anything good to say about the controls when I first started playing it, but after installing v1.27 and activating the new mode (it's turned off by default for existing saved games), something odd happened. I actually started enjoying playing the game. You could say I started fighting the Helghast, instead of fighting the controls.

If the controls put you off by Killzone 2 before, now would be a good time to try it out again.
Thanks for the update info mate. I had almost put this game in the trade in pile. Now I am eager to try it again.

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