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Hi I'm Oz along time ago i used to play cod4 competitively on game ladders but a few months ago got bord with COD4 and stopped playing (start playing wolfenstine enemy territory till graphics card broke lol)

now just to day just me and a group of friends decided just to make up a fun clan USUK (i know it sounds offensive but it just means united states united kingdom)

this wont be official ladder gaming just a fun spare time thing maybe 1 match a week are every 2 weeks and we are looking for a friendly/competitive mature COD4 clan who would kindly play us as a means of fun and for us to try get better as a clan

i my self am only 18 and our youngest member 17 but rest of us are 19/ 20 + we are all mature not shouty squeaky little kids u see these days all over the gaming world

if interested plz just reply to thread Ty for your time. Oz
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