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Well, from poking around their forums, you do have to be fairly technically minded if you run into any problems with OpenRPG. I tried to install it, but not only does it not run but their "help" on the forums is far above my level of expertise to understand. When they mention "debug at level 31" without referencing how one does that on an interface that I might be able to reach, I have to just move on. Ditto when they have people editing in code, without (from what I can tell) saying exactly how one accesses the code to begin with, or how to recognize the file one should edit (my files had no names in common with what they were discussing or with what was in the README files that came with the same installation).

I had been intrigued by the idea, but if I do an online pencil and paper game, it'll be by webcam and Skype (as suggested above).

EDIT: From reading the forums, if you have no problems with installation on your machine, it's very good.
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