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Not this one I was sleeping off an MMO hangover.

Kotaku has been collating stuff from all over the world.

Checkout the video responses on youtube.


Here's the final concept for the player character featured in Bioshock 2. Check out the action figure here- The Cult of Rapture: Articles I'll post some early versions of this character at a later date. In the meantime check out my two sons's blogs- Action Packed Flame Thrower (My eight year old Xander) and Luh Look Mommy! (My two and a half year old Dax) Unfortunately my two month old daughter Zoe has yet to do a drawing. Hurry up and draw already!!!!
Courtesy of Knuckle Deep.


Mutiplayer video clip.

BioShock 2 Video Game, Exclusive Multiplayer Debut Trailer HD | Game Trailers & Videos |

We need you, Citizen!

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