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Games are just games, if you use them to escape something so be it, but that doesn't mean everyone does or wants that. I'm drawn towards fairly stressful games, but it's a different kind of stress that my day to day job offers, and it's more or less risk free stress and there-in lies the appeal for me.

I also find it odd how people think FPS games approach any form or realism. Controlling a character in an FPS game is more like driving some kind of freakish monoscopic hovering golf cart compared to what an actual person can do. The brain still fills in a lot of gaps playing FPS games.
Well said, games are games for the sake of well..being games

A few things really grind my gears...1 is when your in a vehicle and your the gunner or a passenger or whatever..and the person driving decides to ram the vehicle into something and bailing in the last second...WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE!

The other thing is, as Reoh said, unloading a clip into someone only to have them turn around and somehow take you out in one shot!

Oh and the last only just happened like 20 minutes ago and it just aggrevated me...if i put a demo pak on an enemy tank with the enemy in it and you see me doing that...why would you run at the tank and start shooting at it with a machine gun. I thought the other player would be smart and run away when i blow it up instead he runs towards it...he gets killed he punishes me and goes off his head at me for "purposely" team killing!

Those are what really grind my gears at the moment
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