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Hello Ashlann & Father,

After now listening to episode 2 in its entirety.

The YouTube video regarding "Natal Mylo" seemed scripted with that woman interacting with the AI Boy. (in my opinion) However in the future if such a verbal and motion interaction on a social level is possible with AI Npc's. Than for games dealing with various sorts of "Quests" will have another viable option for player interaction. Beyond the current multiple choice or very 2D interaction with quest giving Npc's.

Regarding the whole body motion interface for the future of the Xbox 360. When the girl was sampling a new dress virtually. That gave me a flashback to a Tv series back in 1994-1996 called "TekWar" developed by Star Trek fame William Shatner.

Where a woman buys a piece of wardrobe through her television. In the process samples via holography how the dress would look on her and makes the purchase right on the spot.

That's just a couple of thoughts i had when listening to this episode.

I'll try to listen episode 3 tomorrow.
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