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As a fairly new member of TOG I have been listening to your podcasts from the beginning about the sametime as i joined.

I have been enjoying your chats about the state of games and what new etc.

When I first started listening I was hoping you would talk about whats going on in the TOG forums maybe an interesting thread from each division, because theres just too much going on in all the forums for a casual player like myself to keep up with, maybe even get some of the DC's on to talk about what happening, and tempt some of us into their games.

I joined mainly for the Fallen Earth Beta and thought maybe the pre-launch may have made it onto your radar, as Father seems obsessed with Fallout at the moment, perhaps he could ween himself of it by trying this very good MMO which would probably appeal to his fallout FPS RPG fixation.

Anyway keep up the good work it is definately a podcast I will be keeping up with.

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