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Default How to get new games for bugger all.

A friend of mine was whinging about the price of games, and while I agree it made me realise that a lot of people don't know the tricks of the trade in system, specifically the one at JB Hi-Fi, so I thought I'd share.

Thanks to the large amount of rubbish games that are produced these days, you can get GOOD new release games for around 1/3 of their price.

inFAMOUS cost me $27. Resident Evil 5 cost me $30. Red Faction Guerilla cost me $23.

The trick is thanks to 2 things: crappy games no one wants being on sale, and JB Hi-Fi's Trade in deals.

Whenever most people see a game sale they dig through all the crap to find 1 or 2 titles worth owning. The trick is to buy the crap instead. Whenever a game store has a sale, I'm there to stock up on shovelware. EB overprice the premium titles, but when there's a sale on the shovelware is crazy cheap.

JB Hi-Fi - Games - Trade In

JB Hi-Fi offer a deal for a lot of the new, blockbuster releases, trade 3 games and get the new game of the same format free. This can be abused due to their rather small exclusion list.

I only have a PS3, which has a tiny list, the other consoles have a lot more games on that list but I'm sure there's still plenty of cheap titles you can find and trade.

At the last sale I went to I bought 5 copes of Rapala Fishing Frenzy, 6 copies of Sega superstar tennis and a few other rubbish titles, all at about $5 - $15 each. None of them are on the exclusion list, and so can be traded for the new release games. I'd also recommend doing this between a few JB Hi-Fis if possible, otherwise they may catch on, and these cheap titles could end up being added to the exclusion list.

I've even bought games on sale from JB Hi-Fi, then traded them in at the same one the next day

The best part is, if you don't like your new game, or are just finished with it and want something else, you can trade it in for store credit and get more than it cost you to buy in the first place.
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