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Hello Ashlann & Father,

Well consider me a chatter box of input, lol. After now listening to episode 4.

One thing to take in mind is the global recession which at first didn't hit the games industry so hard. But since the beginning of the year the strain is showing its stretch marks. So resources are being invested into consoles where the price point is slightly higher per unit price for a console game disc / cartridge. Besides development may be easier for a console due to a set standard of specs. Versus the PC that has varying components that need compatibility which may extend development time.

Although PC games seem to be slow in reaching market. One can not discount MMO games for the PC still hitting the market. It's like 90% of all MMO's are best suited for a PC platform at present.

Don't forget also that mobile devices have become a viable platform for gaming. Beyond the PSP or Nintendo DS, the Apple's iPhone amongst other cell / smart phone users are getting games.

This isn't the first time that the PC gaming market has been hit with a dry spell. This is just a cyclical pattern that has been made worse due to the economic global recession.
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