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I've just got an iPhone and I'm new to these Podcast things. I've downloaded them all and when time permits I'll check out each one

Ashlann, you mentioned you really enjoyed playing Left 4 Dead for 3-4 hours then were uncertain of what more the game could offer. Both yourself and Stef touched on Achievemnts in various games. L4D achievement are unlike achievements in many other games. Each one does not give you progression onto another or provide you with anything extra. What they do is provide you with a large variety of ways to play. Some simply add some fun to a game or two while others alter gameplay if you and your team are going for certain ones. Check out the full list and you'll see what I mean - link.

Stef said that Consoles "just work". I must say that I'm a PC only gamer (so far) but if I had kids wanting to game I really do see the attraction of consoles for this "just work" reason. No drivers, nothing for the kids to corrupt, etc etc

Ashlann, you mentioned while discussing Assassin's Creed that sound is important to you for immersion. I TOTALLY AGREE! In my opion this is so much more important the even graphics

Fallout 3... both you guys have me very interested in this game now. Added to my list.

The FPS game The Hunter was discussed. This one is also on my list. A thread in the Public FPS forum was started a while back. If anyone has played this game I'd love to hear more about it - here.

Stef, I've just watched the Star Wars: The Old Republic Deceived Cinematic Trailer. I'm assuming that's the one you said was impressive. I agree, yes it is

Thanks for an enjoyable Podcast!
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