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Hello Ashlann & Father,

Having just listened to episode 6 and almost having caught up to the present day.

About the only collector items i could claim are from my Mmorpg days. When i was massively (pun intended) stoked about SWG, EQ2, & Vanguard. When they initially launched i would splurge and buy the $90 US collectors box. Both SWG & EQ2 i believe had pewter miniatures, poster, concept art sketch book, etc... (mostly knick knacks) But after having felt burned from the Vanguard game launch. I decided to never buy another Mmorpg collectors edition for a game title i was in beta for previously.

Regarding competitive game play it can be said i'm somewhat into that at another gamer community. (TGW) That holds BF 2142 campaign tournaments every 2 months. I've been with them for nearly a year. Where one of their main attractions for the BF 2142 tourney are the 60+ Custom Maps they utilize. Via a on site map designer that converts maps from the Mod community for BF 2142. He's even taken BF2 structures, vehicles, game objects, and past BF2 stock & custom maps and converted them to BF 2142.

So its a blast currently for us for this aging DICE game released back in 2006 originally.
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