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You guys mentioned Far Cry 2. I'm also wanting to finish this game but know to get the full experience it'll require a decent investment of time. It's one that's on the list!

mmmmmmmm Battlefield 3... I ran a poll a while back "Will Battlefield 3 be released" and locked it when it was said to be released 2010. Only time will really tell.

Project Natal. Stef said this could be a revolution in gaming rather than evolution, evolution for example being graphics and sound. I agree yes this certainly could be. I'm sceptical about not only the technology but how it will be integrated into gaming. Like both of you guys I can't see this entering my gaming world in a big way. (If I'm wrong please feel free to quote this in the future people!)

This will probably be an interesting addition to some forms of gaming rather than a take over in my opinion, regardless how good the tech is.

Stef, please post photos of the frame your Fitter & Turner friend made you!
Check this out for a frame!

I enjoyed the chat on Story Telling in games. Unlike you Ashlann, I found the story in FEAR compelling enough to finish the game. The expansions and FEAR 2 though offered nothing much new so the FEAR experience for me ended after the first one finished. FEAR 2 didn't even offer any new ways to be scared. I reviewed the FEAR 2 demo - here.

Ashlann, you mention games utilising a "choose your own adventure" type thing. I think 'choosing you own path' will be the norm in gaming soon enough. Games are already evolving towards this as you mentioned with Far Cry 2.

I also agree with Stef that not every game requires a story. Look at some of the LAN favourites like Quake 3. No story required there for fun ;p

Now.. I'm hearing the Half Life 2 thing again about how wonderful and balanced it is between story action and immersion. I know I'm seriously in the minority here but oh my god I find Half Life boring! I've tried several times to 'get into it' and it just fails me each time. I ended up giving my copies away. I did however purchase HL2 recently for under $10 from Steam to test play Synergy (which I'm yet to do, on list). Now, I'll try HL2 ONE MORE TIME. I'll devote a full Saturday day to it again and see how it goes.

Thanks for an excellent Podcast!

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