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Originally Posted by gruffmanton View Post
Hi all, I could not find a buy/sell section on the site so if this is in the wrong spot I apologize.

I am hunting down a copy of the ADnD Dungeon Masters Guide (first edition). I have just started playing again after 20 years and am ruing the day I gave away all my books. If anyone has any ideas where i can hunt one down I would be very grateful. I have had a look on ebay and it is avail but I would rather throw a few buck an Aussies way if I could.

Thanks in advance.
From your profile I see you are in Melbourne. Try Mind Games in Swanston St in the city & Mil Sims (has a shop in Bentleigh, can by from them online). Both have second hand sections. Alternate Worlds in Chapel st Windsor used to sell RPGs, don't know if they still do.
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