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Now.. I'm hearing the Half Life 2 thing again about how wonderful and balanced it is between story action and immersion. I know I'm seriously in the minority here but oh my god I find Half Life boring! I've tried several times to 'get into it' and it just fails me each time. I ended up giving my copies away. I did however purchase HL2 recently for under $10 from Steam to test play Synergy (which I'm yet to do, on list). Now, I'll try HL2 ONE MORE TIME. I'll devote a full Saturday day to it again and see how it goes.
I quite liked the story of Half Life in a video game universe. But I think the strongest point of the Half Life's story is "how" the story was delivered mechanically, I think that's where the story really shined, the integration of it within the gameplay was imo done extremely well.

And I'm not one for cheesy stories really but the Half Life universe for me managed to immerse me and I think the quality of storytelling in a game really is equally dependent on the method of delivery.
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