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I think it was a different Podcast

Ashlann, you mentioned how good the Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo was. I tried this a few nights ago and ended up buying the full game! It's delightfully addictive and quite challenging. Such a simple concept and it been worked perfectly. Like Ashlann I highly recommend giving this demo a run. It's great to kill some time with. It's also fun to even work as a team if someone is there with you.

And yes, Crayon Physics Deluxe is available for the iPhone. It's a nice idea for the iPhone but the size of the screen relative to your fingers makes it difficult to navigate your drawings. You do get used to it to a point though.

Stef, you mentioned the Trials 2 Second Edition Demo on Steam. It looked great but because I couldn't set my own controls I just couldn't work the game. I would like to think the full version gives you the option to customise controls.

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