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Default TOG Games Industry Podcast - General Feedback

Hi Guys,

I feel a new thread for this is probably needed as I just had a marathon session listening to 'casts 4-8 while driving my family to and from a wedding. I doubt I am going to be able to provided feedback in detail (as my attention was split between the road, radio that my wife was listening to, the DVD that my little girl was watching, and the podcast in my other ear!), but I wanted to give you some of my general thoughts.

In no particular order:
  • I really think that for each epidsode one of you (and it could change episode-to-episode) should take on the roll of "host". That person then controls (as far as the audience is concerned) the flow of the show and handles closing off segments and introducing new ones. Currently I feel the way this is being handled is a little confusing for both listeners and you guys.
  • I really think that the show could do with the input of another person, whether that be another permanent, or semi-permanent, member or guest spots......I've commented before that with two people, and no offence ment to either of you, the points of view being aired sometimes (and it is only a small amount of the time) come across as "lacking breadth". i.e. some of the comments relating to the lack of tactical options (or similar, I can't remember the exact wording) in TF2 had me cringing.
  • I think a quick 15 second promo for TOG either at the beginning or end would be appropriate.
  • .....and two tongue-in-cheek ones:
    • Get Ash some maths tuition!
    • Sack the Squirrel!!
I hope none of the above comes across badly, as I really enjoyed all that I listened to.
Keep up the good work guys,

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