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Originally Posted by Ashlann View Post
I'm not too shabby at math -- where did I slip up?? Oops!
I didn't mean to call you out on mate, just made me smile at the time

I think it was when you were adding up the buttons on the MMO specific mouse. It was something like "12+2, that's 13", and then I think you went on to say that using the control, shift and alt buttons gave you an additional 12 to the power of three functions which I guess is possible as you'd only need to use another 24 buttons on the keyboard......but is not really practical....I'm guessing you meant 12x3 (the 12 buttons plus shift, control, or alt)?

/maths geekiness
(I blame my old physics teacher, he was an absolute stickler for the me being an engineer with no job at the moment probably means I have a lot of pent-up maths frustration! )

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