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Hello Ashlann & Father,

I just finished listening to episode 9. You've got me eagerly awaiting each podcast now. I got spoiled listening to a couple of podcasts a day in catching up.

The beginning of this episode got off to a slow start in my opinion. Dwelling too much on the "Mini Ninjas" demo at the very beginning. Since this podcast was recorded on September 24th, there was zero mention of the MMO game launches on September 22nd of "Aion or Fallen Earth". (which left me wanting to hear both your takes of the previews out on the Net)

The middle portion of this episode #9 did get interesting with Stefaan's (Fathers) observation. Of the emotional triggers in cinema of the horror genre. If not in mass media such as film, Tv, or books.

Towards the end i see the conversation went slightly in the direction of gamer consumerism and the Australian Game Ratings board.

Not to harp on this topic which i've mentioned before in another post of my feedback. But it seems that Australian gamer consumers needs a PAC (Political Action Committee) group. To represent adult gamers as a lobbying group to your government.

Somewhat similar perhaps to the American version of the ECA (Entertainment Consumer Association). Since it seems your Australian Game Ratings Board is imposing its values, politics, and bias on adult consumer gamers. Much like Stefaan cited, if something needs to be done it has to start on the individual level. (in this case grass roots PAC to petition your government)

Otherwise adult gamer consumers in your nation will be treated like children and bossed around.

Just my two kilobytes on the topic.
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