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Been enjoying listening to the 'casts in the car instead of the same old on the radio.
Have already given some direct feedback to Ash but just wanted to throw a few suggestions out there for possible discussion in the future:

1. What game got you actually 'into gaming' rather than a casual player. For me it was seeing GLQuake on a blew my tiny little mind and I've never looked back.

2. Games that 'cross over' to another form of media (such as a podcast this has already been covered briefly but thought it could do with a full treatment. Particularly thinking about movies that have been made from a video game...
the good (in my opinion) some of the Resident Evil movies
the bad - anything by Uwe Bol
the interesting - King of Kong (a documentary but its about gaming and its great)
But there are also the opposite franchise games from movies, most of which bite some serious donkey balls.

Anyway just some ideas I had on the way home, I'll be listening to episode 9 in the car tomorrow morning
Keep up the great work guys.
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