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Default help me like the Half-Life series..

OK you can stop throwing objects at me now..
..seriously that last 21" CRT monitor hurt!
..and no ganging up on me at a LAN!

I must have a problem (apart from the obvious ones).. I find the Half-Life series totally boring as discussed here..

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Now.. I'm hearing the Half Life 2 thing again about how wonderful and balanced it is between story action and immersion. I know I'm seriously in the minority here but oh my god I find Half Life boring! I've tried several times to 'get into it' and it just fails me each time. I ended up giving my copies away. I did however purchase HL2 recently for under $10 from Steam to test play Synergy (which I'm yet to do, on list). Now, I'll try HL2 ONE MORE TIME. I'll devote a full Saturday day to it again and see how it goes.



do I need to complete the original to really enjoy the sequel?

-Why did YOU enjoy the Half-Life series?

-Please list you favourite Half-Life series game
Half-Life: Opposing Forces
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode One
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

I have Half-Life 2 (willing to get the original etc).
I have food and coffee and water for a long gaming weekend.
I have an understanding partner.

What else do I need?
How can I enjoy this.. I feel as though I'm missing out!

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