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Ashlann, I listened to your review of the Mini ninjas demo (link1 - link2).
TOG public forum discussion thread - here.

You mentioned the demo was:
-poor graphics
-good sound
-complex inventory system for kids
-light-hearted fun game

I found the demo first of all to be great fun As far as being linear, it is if you want it to be... I found I could leave the tracks and go wandering around to obtain artifacts and get involved in other things apart from the main objective... BUT this to most may not mean non-linear as I come from a linear FPS world.

I disagree that the graphics were poor, I thought they were good and suited the theme of the game well. I agree with Stef, I find the game to be quite stylish.

I agree that the sound was good

You also said you thought the inventory system may be too complex for children. I too would have probably said this if it wasn't for me watching my young nephew (under 10) play Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II on the Xbox 360 He had total control over this game. He tried to show me what to do and I had no idea where to even start! LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II is a Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) and is a LOT more complex than Mini ninjas.

You said it looks to be a Light-hearted and Fun game. I definitely agree!

Ash, in this Podcast you mentioned the upcoming Lego Harry Potter game. You've mentioned the lego series a few times now and said how good they were so I decided to check a couple out! I watched some trailers and downloaded two demos, LEGO Indiana Jones Demo and LEGO Batman Demo. I can see the appeal for these, very cleverly done and FUN. One thing that really impressed me was how flawless the demos ran and how you can play coop on the same screen (not split). I plugged in my 'Logitech Dual Action USB controller' and used it to control the second player. The demos recognised the controller straight away with no problems. I preferred the Batman demo out of the two. The way you had the option to play as a Villain was a nice touch as well.

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Good to hear you two are extracting some enjoyment from Far Cry 2
I agree! Far Cry 2 is on my "To Complete" list
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I'd love a multiplayer/co-op game in that world

Ash I think I found the 'gratuitous cleavage' you mentioned in one of the Resident Evil 5 trailers, 2:04 ??

Ash you mentioned the Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection on Steam and how it looks great... a nice piece of nostalgia but Stef then mentioned he wouldn't play it due to the graphics. Don't underestimate gameplay enjoyment due to a games age in my opinion..
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I recently played an old favourite of mine. I purchased Unreal Gold on Steam and played the Unreal Mission Pack I: Return to Na Pali! expansion. This 1998 game offered more then than many games do now: superb singleplay, BOT play, multiple muliplay gametypes, dedicated server, plus more.
(Unreal Gold contains the original 1998 Unreal plus the 1999 expansion)

Regarding Left 4 Dead 2 being banned in Australia. A lot of people give Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) grief about these decisions. Unfortionately they only have a certain amount of tools to work with. Something they don't have is an R18+ rating. BUT, saying that, their consistency is rather INCONSISTENT.

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In the past, some games (eg., F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin) originally labelled "RC" (refused classification) by the Classification Board have been subsequently labelled "MA15+" by the Classification Review Board (without having to modify anything in the game at all),


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Forgot to mention, the whole issue of "violent video games" was covered by Penn & Teller (both interesting and humorous - usual NSFW applies to P&T's show).
LOL very good! Thanks for that
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