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Seal online by YNK

This game has very original graphics and a unique pet system. Players can drop eggs who they must feed at given times to be able to let their pets evolve to the next stage. If they are really lucky they get a rare pet with very good status points. One of the classes,a jester, is sort of original too. He never stops dancing and he throws daggers or playcards at the enemy. For those who are in love there is a very good marriage system that gives nice rewards when you have been married for a certain number of days in game. When the couple sits down together you get this animation of a couple sitting on a bench, holding hands and even kissing when they have been married long enough.
Population : this game is not very populated
Quality : don't be fooled by the sweet things I wrote above, this is a game that is challenging for hardcore players aswell. Be prepared to do a lot of farming to get that special drop that will finally complete your endgame set of equipment.


Dragonica online (side-scroller) by IAH games

Dragonica is a 3D sidescrolling game where you fight your way through the levels as a kind of Super Mario. The game has all the elements of a normal mmo such as pvp, guilds and four classes to chose from. The graphics are very cute and funny, when a person dies for example you see there eyes bulging out and their mouth falling open, like one would see in certain cartoons. There are instances that you can solo or harder ones that require grouping.
Population : there are separate servers for NA, Europe and Asia. They block European IP's on the NA server and vice versa.
Quality : this game is just so much fun ! You can use a joystick but the game plays smoothly too if you use a keyboard.

Dragonica: the free to play arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG | Free PC online game presented by gPotato

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