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Ether Saga online by Perfect World

ESO is based on one of the four great classic Chinese novels : Journey to the West. The graphics are very stylish with beautiful Chinese landscapes and buildings. This game is a good choice for people who don't like grinding. You never run out of quests and due to the numerous daily events you level up quit easily. At higher level you need to kill a whole lot of mobs for every quest, but since almost every class has very good area over effect skills this isn't a problem. Transportation is a lot of fun on ESO because you get to fly on a cloud. Players can easily transform themselves in different kinds of mobs when they drop a transformation card on them. This comes in very handy when you are doing instances later on because some of these transformations give you good defense. Pets are important in this game, you need two of them, one with good stats for your character to meld with to get the extra status points from the pet. The other one assists you when you fight.
Population : there are 2 servers who each have 15 realms (channels) so you never get the impression that the game is crowded
Quality : the game is excellent, the only negative thing about it is the difficulty to get good upgraded equipment, so get yourself ready for some fast leveling and a long time of farming except if you are willing to pay for the equipment upgrades with real money in the item mall.

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Fiesta online, a turn-based mmo by Outspark

This is a very casual mmo. There is no stressful level grinding, you can easily reach endlevel in one to two months. The classes are well balanced and the drop rate for getting good items is one of the best that I have seen. The best thing about this game is that you can participate in a daily event called the Kingdom Quest. The number of participants for these quests is limited. In a group of up till 15 people you are then summoned into one of the eight Kingdom Quest instances. You get an award for participating in these according to the number of mobs you managed to kill. The crafting system in this game is nice too.
Population : The game is played by millions of people all over the world, you won't get lonely playing this one.
Quality : This is a good game overall, it has something for everyone. I would especially recommend it to people who are new to the world of mmo's.

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