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very nicely done Ariya I would add some games but I will try and go into as much detail as you did with your ones all copied from wikipedia i might add

Anarchy Online (AO)
Published and developed by Funcom. Released in the summer of 2001, the game was first in the genre to include a science-fiction setting, dynamic quests, free trials, and in-game advertising. The game's ongoing story revolves around the fictional desert planet Rubi-Ka, the source of a valuable mineral known as "notum". Fighting for military and political power on Rubi-Ka are the Omni-Tek corporation (owners of the planet's thousand-year lease), the separatist Clans, terrorist groups, aliens, and ancient civilizations.
Population: In hot zones it can be pretty packed aswell as around quest areas but if you decide to run off and explore well you can literally go for hours without finding anyone and getting lost (like i did on numerous occasions)
Quality: The game can sometiems go slow and be a tad wierd with your bun double firing or not firing at all and your character getting stuck in the floor and what not but overall its a good game
Feel free to add me on steam, while not a full member does not mean I'm not up for playing a few games with or against you guys.
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