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This grind is really close to my heart, I claim to be the self proclaimed "king of track" (if your wondering why its because back in BF2 I could run and hurdle anything and outrun everyone else and now in BF2142 I do the same and also include running up on top of cars then jumping over the chasers head) I also believe my strong point in BF2142 is my ability to unload hell with the assualt class "pocket rockets" as i call them. But as for the grind what really grinds my gears is when someone who you take no notice to really outshoots you no matter where you are...i was prone on the top of one of those tower things next to silo 5 in suez canal and somehow I got shot with one of the pocket rockets from silo 4 i mean thats a hell of a shot and the fact that it didnt smack the sides it just directly hit me it means he had to be flat land with me or has a crazy angling shot..i thought it was a fluke but the same guy did it about 7 times! im like ARGH!!
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