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Default [Borderlands] I will never host publically again!

This morning, with a lack of morning cartoons, I hopped on BL to shoot some toons. feeling adventurous I also decided to see who would jump in if I hosted publicly. Seeing the others in the browser were proclaiming to be from Germany others from western America. Seeing that I delcared myself Australian and cast out my hook.

While I was chatting to Mixa in between locations I got a bite. A guy from Sydney I think he said. We didn't get far before he wanted to show me his hardware. Fair enough you say, well it is.
"You might want these." said the right Green lvl 50 Hunter. "You can have them." And he throws some on the ground while he demonstrates the pretty particles spewing forth from his equipped munitions. I do mean "spew".

His Rocket Launcher fired a stream of explosions and his sniper looked it behaved as a shotgun. Then he told me He made them himself. I knew his outfit looked hinkey. He was so proud too. He could lay waste to a village of bandits but it seems one stray bullet would put him on his knees trying to catch his breath.

Hex Edits.

I want nothing to do with them. In Age Of Empires, once I had a corvette, or in Star Wars Battlegrounds and I had an ewok or a DeathStar, it was game over. I stopped playing. Not from disgust as in this mornings case but in boredom. At my finger tips was a victory without striving or reward. And these "Twisted" firearms presented to me this morning would sap the life from my game in the same way.

The public can do what they want with their game, but the untrust-worthy unwashed masses can stay out of my party.

If a Togger wants to hack their hardware I wont decry them. They are welcome to just don't throw it at my feet to brag about what you made. I'll do what I did this morning. I'll pick it up, sell it and leave. You can always make another one.

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