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I suppose the old "idkfa" code for Doom was fine in it's day. They were put there for discovery, and for crap players like me (then) it was the only way to see what the rest of the game was like But those only applied to single player games - it affected nobody else, and was actually a mechanism of the game straight from the designers.

These guys are just cheats and hackers. To do so in a game that you share with others puts you (effectively) into a completely different game. If you do it - don't then spread the poo. Keep it to yourselves.
Diablo in it's heayday of hackdom was a crackup. You had PK's (Player Killers) who would lure noobs out of town to murder. Then you had the PKK's (Player Killer Killers) who would hunt down the PK's. Now the odd part was both were hacked to the nines and totally invincible.

The PKK's would try to kill the PK's, but the PK's were invincible, just like the PKK's. So you'd have the PK and PKK going at it for an hour or so lunging fireballs and the such with no chance of ever killing each other... Then there was me the KK (Kompletely Klueless) laying on the ground with my ear in the PK's pocket
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